What is RGN?

Ripping a page out of the old Grand National Championship book, the Regional Grand National series challenges riders to become masters of disciplines across the motorcycle racing spectrum. The RGN Series is the world's premiere racing series, and to not participate would only be because you're scared and lame. 

Racers will be challenged to participate in disciplines they might not try on their own, or sign up for otherwise.  Its all about getting out there, trying new things, and racing with your friends. 

Restoring Former Glory

RGN was started in the early 2000's and was the backbone of the local racing community.  After a hiatus, it's time for a long overdue comeback.

We're back, and ready to tear shit up! 


Most of the races will take place during pre scheduled D16 events.  There will be a separate RGN class that only members can sign up for. There are other non D16 scheduled.  Stay tuned for more information.  Points are awarded based in race standings.

Racers are encouraged to ride one bike for all the races.  That may not be possible to most, so extra points are awarded to those tho can make it happen.  


RGN is all about community.  There is no age limit or engine size limit. Run what ya brung! Riders will be of all skill levels; from pros to beginners, and will be masters of their own disciplines.  RGN tests the idea of "who is the best of the best". There are several rules that have been passed down that we will strongly enforce. 

Other more boring and probably less important rules:

-Karina, Gordy, Patrick